A Traveler’s Guide to a Weekend in Tulsa

A Traveler’s Guide to a Weekend in Tulsa

A Traveler’s Guide to a Weekend in Tulsa

Looking for a place to get away for a weekend? Look no further than Tulsa, Oklahoma. Located in the northeast corner of the state and at the foot of the Ozarks region, Tulsa is the second largest city in Oklahoma and the state’s cultural capital. Tourists often overlook Tulsa for larger, more popular cities like Houston or New Orleans, but once you get to know it, you will begin to understand why Tulsa is one of the Southern region’s best bargains for a weekend retreat.

Getting In and Around

Most visitors who come to Tulsa arrive by car, either directly from their point of origin or via a road trip on Route 66. Those who fly arrive at Tulsa International Airport. The city has a network of busses, but the best way to get around is still with your own vehicle. Car rental rates are cheap and start at $10 per day on weekends. Most of the attractions are within a fifteen-mile radius of downtown so it is unlikely that you will use a full tank of gas, especially if you go with a fuel-efficient vehicle.

Where to Stay While in Tulsa

Tulsa is a large city with several districts of interest. When deciding on where to stay, consider these three primary areas: downtown, central Tulsa, and South Tulsa. Downtown has several decent hotel selections and is convenient especially if you are attending an event at the BOK Center. Central Tulsa is perfect for those wanting to avoid the downtown traffic and experience a quieter side of Tulsa. Some of the nearby attractions include Route 66 and the Philbrook Museum of Art. South Tulsa is where most of the hotels are. Nearby points of interest include Oklahoma Aquarium, Oral Roberts University, and Woodland Hills Mall.

Places to See and Things to Do

There are enough sights and activities to fill your weekend in Tulsa. If you fancy fine art, check out the city’s gem, the Philbrook Museum of Art, or the Gilcrease Museum. If it is American Western history that piques your interest, drive along Route 66 and relive the experiences of western pioneers. Nature and adventure folks should check out the miles of biking and hiking trails within Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area and River West Festival Park. Finally, for a truly unique experience, hear mass at Boston Avenue Methodist Church and stand in awe of this magnificent art deco building.

Budgeting for Your Trip

Tulsa is a relatively inexpensive city. Hotel rates average around $120 a night with cheaper prices available in South Tulsa. Most hotels also include added perks like free breakfast and parking. Museum entrances start at $8, and a three-course meal at a posh restaurant will usually cost you no more than $35 per person. A ticket to the longest running theater production in the US — “The Drunkard” — will only set you back $10 and with it, you get over four hours of entertainment at a historic site.

Additional information to help you plan your trip to Tulsa can be found on Travel OK.

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