My Favorite Eateries in Dallas-Fort Worth

My Favorite Eateries in Dallas-Fort Worth

My Favorite Eateries in Dallas-Fort Worth


My impending visit to Texas in a couple of week’s time prompted me to think back and reminisce about my favorite eateries in the area I called home for almost 17 years. I’ve tried and tested many restaurants but these are the primary ones that make my stomach growl and my mouth salivate. My preference for them goes well beyond the good food they serve because these were also the places of countless memorable dinners with close friends and entertaining suppers with family members. They’ll be the first eateries I will personally seek out during my visits and suggest to anyone wanting recommendations in the area. Here are my favorites and what I consider the best eateries in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW).

Best Eateries in Dallas-Fort Worth

Everyday Steak and Fall-Off Ribs

My Favorite Eateries in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)

Chicken Fried Steak at Texas Roadhouse

I have my friend Mendy to thank for introducing me to this roadhouse that serves tasty steak and quite possibly the best baby back ribs in the state. Texas Roadhouse is your typical casual restaurant in Texas. It has steak, barbecue, and a whole lot of Southern comfort food that your doctor will probably warn you against eating everyday. The 6 oz. sirloin with two sides for less than $10 is my go to plate whenever I have the craving for steak. The chicken fried steak is also pretty darn good here, particularly when topped with their homemade cream gravy.

New York Style Pizza and Pasta

My Favorite Eateries in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)

Garlic Knots at Joe’s

This family-owned restaurant is not only a favorite of mine, but also of my parents. We’ve been coming to Joe’s for ages ordering their white pizza, garlic knots, and chicken fettuccine alfredo. This no frills place was also a regular meeting place for friends and dates and where I’d sometimes come to watch the Yankees play baseball. The food is cheap, the atmosphere relaxed, and the guys who welcome you here are some of the nicest (not to mention cute.)

The Mother of All Steakhouses

My Favorite Eateries in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)

Pappa’s Brothers Filet Duo

When one of my oldest friends finally came to visit me in Texas last year, Pappa’s Brothers was one of the restaurants I made sure she tried because not only is it one of the best eateries in Dallas-Fort Worth, it’s also my favorite special occasion steakhouse. I’ve always wanted to eat here but it wasn’t until DFW Restaurant Week four years ago that I finally did. After that, I was hooked, and though I couldn’t afford to dine here regularly, it always lands the top spot for special occasion dinners. Their steaks are dry-rubbed with just sea salt and pepper. Their wine list is definitely the best in the area and their desserts are simply divine. I usually get their filet or their filet duo, but for those with bigger appetites, my suggestion will be the 14 oz. NY strip.

Tex-Mex at It’s Best

My Favorite Eateries in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)

Chuy’s Enchiladas

Many would argue that there are plenty more Tex-Mex places that are better than Chuy’s but to me, it’s the best overall. Blue corn enchiladas, salsas of all kinds made fresh daily, and their free nacho bar are just a few of why this lands atop my Tex-Mex list. Despite being a chain restaurant, the place is generally consistent in taste and is a great place for families. My go to dish here is their shrimp and cheese chile rellenos with refried beans, rice and tomatillo sauce. Yum-my!

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