Peru 2014: Day 1

Peru 2014: Day 1

Peru 2014: Day 1

I left work early today to catch my late afternoon flight to Lima and was fortunate enough to get the last business class seat on the flight. I got a window seat but was unable to really see much of the surroundings upon arrival because of darkness (my arrival time was just after midnight).

The food options were ok. I definitely had better options in other American flights. I went with steak and crabmeat for my main course. It put me into somewhat of a food coma I had to turn down dessert. Alcohol came in abundance too, but I resisted the temptation and only had a couple with my meals.

The flight had more turbulence than what I was used to. Maybe it had something to do with tropical storm Marie. It was not really much of a concern, but nonetheless, I would have preferred a less shaky flight. Customs was hassle free. I was surprised at how many agents were available considering the hour. I’m fairly sure deplaning first made a big difference, but with a full house, I reckon it wouldn’t have made much difference.

I’ve checked in at my hotel. Nothing fancy, but it has a nice patio just outside my room. I will definitely check it out tomorrow. Until then…

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