Pittsburgh’s Best Neighborhood Hangouts

Pittsburgh’s Best Neighborhood Hangouts

Pittsburgh’s Best Neighborhood Hangouts

Pittsburgh is made up of dozens of neighborhoods, each having a unique quality worth discovering. But if you’re a tourist merely visiting for a few days, where do you start? Fortunately, Pittsburgh has neighborhoods that suit all different types of personalities. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or a foodie, the city has a place that caters to your tastes. With that said, here is a rundown of “The Burgh’s” best neighborhood hangouts.

The Best Local Vibe: Bloomfield

The aroma of home cooked meals, the lack of chain stores, and ubiquitous patio seating makes the neighborhood of Bloomfield the best when it comes to experiencing local vibe. Bloomfield is the Italian district of Pittsburgh. This is where you go if you crave a bowl full of spaghetti and meatballs or a flavorful gelato on a warm summer’s day. Stores here belong to families who are likely third or fourth-generation Pittsburghers, and this neighborhood is where you can escape the bustle of the city and feel the charm of small town living.

Best for Outdoor Activities: Mount Washington

This youthful neighborhood was once densely populated by blue-collar workers descending towards the steel and iron mills, but over the past 40 years, this historic neighborhood has seen an increase in young professionals lured by the great views, relaxed atmosphere, and plenty of green spaces. There are trails suitable for hiking and cycling at nearby Emerald View Park, or you can choose to spend the day taking in the amazing views of the Golden Triangle. End the day with your friends cheering on the Steelers in one of the many neighborhood bars like Café Niko or Shiloh Grill.

Best Place to Discover the Next Trend: East Liberty, Garfield, and Friendship

If you want to experience something entirely out of the ordinary, head over to East Liberty – and the adjacent neighborhoods of Garfield and Friendship – to get a glimpse of the city’s up-and-coming urban developments. These neighborhoods are where the creative and entrepreneurial minds collide to come up with some of the city’s most eclectic establishments. East Liberty is where you will find restaurants offering Ethiopian food or Asian vegetarian fusion, and activities like glass blowing in a warehouse or yoga at an old church.

Best for Strolling: Lawrenceville

A day spent walking around Lawrenceville is like visiting one museum after another. This neighborhood is Pittsburgh’s prettiest, with trendy boutiques and galleries lining up the streets. It also has a distinct architecture everywhere you turn. The neighborhood is Pittsburgh’s testament to living art.

Best for Foodies: The Strip District

The wholesale food market at the Strip District is a must for any visitor to Pittsburgh. The rows and rows of stalls featuring items by local growers is an enticing sight, especially on a Saturday morning when most of the farmers descend into town to sell their products and concoctions. You should have enough to fill a picnic basket or two when you shop here. There are also plenty of great restaurant stalls that feature a variety of items from mung-bean pancakes to prosciutto di Parma.

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