Travel with the Locals: A Guide to London’s Off the Beaten Path

Travel with the Locals: A Guide to London’s Off the Beaten Path

Travel with the Locals: A Guide to London’s Off the Beaten Path

Do you ever wonder where Londoners go when they decide to become tourists in their own city? Most, if not all, will likely avoid the tourist traps like Piccadilly or Buckingham Palace and will seek typical London experiences but without the crowds. In a city that receives over 15 million visitors annually, that can be a tough task to achieve, but there are pockets of London still unspoiled by the group tour itineraries. Instead of visitors from another country, the people you’ll meet will live within the confines of London itself. This article highlights some of those locations.

Albert Embankment: Best Views of the Houses of Parliament

Visitors to London unknowingly risk their lives trying to get a good picture of the Houses of Parliament on the busy sidewalks of Westminster Bridge. Though the views from there are undeniably picturesque, the likelihood of getting a decent shot without someone else becoming an extra is slim so skip the pit stop and continue across the river towards the Albert Embankment. Once you get to the bottom of the bridge, gear right and walk another 500 meters on the side of the river. Claim your spot in one of the benches and enjoy the unobstructed views.

The Wallace Collection: A Truly Wonderful Museum Experience

The halls of the National Gallery or the Victoria and Albert Museum can be overwhelming even for an experienced art lover, but what if you can combine the best of both in a more intimate setting? That’s exactly what The < a href=””>Wallace Collection has achieved. This wonderfully curated museum located just north of Bond Street station features some of the most impressive 18th century art and artifacts. It also recently completed a major renovation that enhanced it’s already impressive Great Gallery.

Green Park: An Underrated Royal Park

Green Park is the smallest of all the royal parks and the best place to escape the chaos of the city. Tucked between the more popular Hyde and St. James’ parks, Green Park is often overlooked by tourists because of its simplicity, despite its location right in the heart of Westminster. Those who explore it will find many surprises including some of the most beautiful buildings in central London. The park was also a preferred spot by spies. Many of the buildings around the park were occupied by MI-6 and the park itself was a favorite spot for clandestine meetings.

Spitalfields Market: Classic London Market Experience

A trip to London is incomplete without experiencing one of its famous markets. Portobello Road is known for its antiques, Borough for its gourmet food selection, and Camden for its eclectic offering, but they are also major crowd magnets. For a more authentic London market experience, head over to the East End, the area many people refer to as the real London, and visit Spitalfields. The oldest market in London not only has an assorted mixture of edible and non-edible items for sale, but it is also where you will likely mingle with locals the most.

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